Best Holiday Pop Song (1980-2020) Playlist

November 29, 2020

Here’s a playlist of the Top 32 songs that made the bracket for the Best Holiday Pop Song (1980-2020) episode of Great Pop Culture Debate, as decided by votes from nearly 100 listeners of our podcast. And because you’ve been awfully good this year, we’re throwing in some additional picks from our panelists, to make your holiday extra special and bright! CONTENT WARNING: If you’re listening with kids, you might want to skip past both “Homo Christmas” and “Dick in a Box,” neither of which are particularly family friendly.

Want even more holiday tunes? Our listeners had lots of ideas of modern holiday pop songs for us to consider. And we made a playlist of them! Check that out here. If you have other favorite holiday pop songs released from 1980 to the present, tell us about them by leaving a comment below, or by sending us a message on Twitter or Instagram! If you’re more of a fan of the holiday classics, fear not! We’ll be doing a Classic Holiday Pop episode for the 2021 holiday season.

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