“Canada’s Drag Race” Episode 6: The Looney Bin Fashion Review

August 13, 2020

Do you like “Canada’s Drag Race”? Do you like debating the costumes that men dressed as women wear on stage? Are you fascinated by no-budget video content? Then do we have a show for you!

Each week, members of the Great Pop Culture Debate panel — Eric Rezsnyak, Brett Chin, Curtis Creekmore, and Kai Nessett-Chin — will critique the looks from the mainstage of the first season of “Canada’s Drag Race” (you can watch it weekly on WoW Presents Plus, or on Crave TV in Canada). A “toot” is a thumbs up, a “boot” is a thumbs down, a “shoot” is an exceptionally good look, and a “poot” is an exceptionally BAD look. Now you know how it works!

Here’s this week episode — the runway theme was “Canadian Tuck-Shedo,” in which the queens had to dress in head to toe denim! Check back weekly for new episodes, and feel free to drop a comment on this episode below!

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