EVENT: Culture Clash 2021

December 19, 2021

So, 2021 — that was a year, huh? And yet with all the ups and downs, we were still blessed some outstanding new pop-culture entries. And now the Great Pop Culture Debate wants YOU to join in as the panelists discuss the best films, music, TV shows, video games, comics, and more of 2021 with our first-ever Culture Clash on Wednesday, December 29, at 7pm EST!

What is a Culture Clash? It’s a LIVE Twitter Spaces chat in which our panelists debate the Top 32 pop-culture entries of the year, and YOU get to vote on which entries advance to the next round! Within a few short hours we plan to name the very best pop-culture thing that came out of 2021, but we can’t do it without your help!

How do you participate? Simply join the Twitter Space we’re setting up for Wednesday, December 28, 7pm EST. (Note that you’ll need to join the space via a mobile device, it doesn’t appear to work on desktop.) Listen to our panelists debate the bracket picks, then vote LIVE on the match-ups and have your say on what advances! It’s that easy! And if you have a burning point you want to add to the conversation, we’d love for you to join in via Tweet!

Speaking of the bracket, you can find the Culture Clash 2021 bracket right here. How did we end up with those Top 32 entries? They were the most popular picks from our Culture Club. Each Saturday the GPCD panelists and Patreons nominate the things they are obsessed with that week. Want to join in? Make sure you follow @culture_debate on Twitter and tell us what pop culture you love this week. We genuinely want to hear it!

We hope you’ll join us on Wednesday 12/28 for what we hope will be the first of a monthly Twitter Spaces activity, debating the best in pop culture from that month. If you have any questions/concerns, Tweet us @culture_debate, slide into our DMs on Twitter or Instagram, email greatpopculturedebate@gmail.com or leave a message on this post!

These 16 are just HALF of the items we’ll be talking about in Culture Clash 2021! Join us!

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