Karissa Kloss

June 15, 2020

A Wisconsin native who spent 12 years in Boston before moving to Colorado, Karissa has an East Coast sensibility filtered through a mile-high state of mind, all delivered with Midwest nice. By day she works for an independent book publisher, and by night she perfects the art of sewing a handmade wardrobe while streaming anything involving drag queens. A Doc Martens enthusiast with an embarrassingly large nail polish collection, Karissa has an unwavering love for the Smashing Pumpkins and all things 90’s. A newly retired roller derby skater, she enjoys a good martini paired with an even better heist movie. She has a tattoo of a baked potato, and Lil’ Poundcake is her life icon. You can find her on Instagram (and rarely on Twitter) @KarissaKloss.

(Season 0, Season 1)

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