POLL: Best Oscar Winner for Best Song

March 16, 2023

The award for Best Song was introduced at the the 7th Oscar ceremony in 1935 and since then the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has awarded iconic songs from a variety of music and film genres.  From ballads to hip hop and from animation to foreign language films, all have been represented.  In many years, the Best Song category has been just as competitive as the acting categories and has crowned EGOTs on more than one occasion.  So we can’t Let it Go, we need to know what the Best Oscar Winner is for Best Song.  Our hearts won’t go on until we know!

Below you will find a list of all the Oscar Winners for Best Song. (Taking this on a mobile device? We recommend taking the poll by clicking here.) We want to know what you think to help us choose which songs to discuss in a future episode.  Don’t give us the SHAFT, please share with us your picks on what you believe was the best. Can you dig it?  

Did we miss your favorite? Add it to the list! Then send to your friends and have them chime in on their favorite Oscar-winning songs.

The 32 top vote-getters will be discussed in a future episode of the Great Pop Culture Debate podcast. Find out more at greatpopculturedebate.com.

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