Andrea Guerrero

December 15, 2020

Andrea is a 30-something former trivia host and corporate sell out. The anarchist teenage version of herself would be extremely disappointed to see the success she is today. Hailing from West Michigan, she spends much of her day working, playing Animal Crossing, and thinking about Yvie Oddly’s Drag Race Season 11 finale headpiece. A concert junkie, in 2019 she attended 25 shows ranging from La Dispute to Madeon to Justin Timberlake and, regrettably, Steel Panther. She likes to pretend that she has style but really she just has a lot of tattoos. Don’t talk to her about Star Wars unless you firmly agree that The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars movie out of the nine episodes. One time when she was sick with the flu for a week, she watched every single episode of Hot Ones.

Please do not invite her to any event that does not serve alcohol. She will not attend. 

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