Best James Bond Film

Sir Ian Fleming's James Bond has been a Hollywood mainstay for more than 60 years. In that time, a handful of actors have brought to life the British super spy's thrilling adventures, and made box-office…Read more

Best “30 Rock” Episode

In 2006, NBC’s “30 Rock” debuted to mixed reviews and modest ratings. But within a few episodes, Tina Fey’s workplace comedy set behind the scenes of a television sketch show found its footing, and over…Read more

Best Girl Scout Cookie Flavor

Girl Scout Cookies have been spreading sugary joy, teaching millions of children entrepreneurial skills, AND raising funds for a terrific organization for more than 100 years. Girl Scout Cookies are an American institution! And for…Read more

Best TV Family

Families have been central to TV shows almost since the invention of the medium. Whether we're talking about the Rockwellian families from classic sitcoms, sprawling soap-opera dynasties, dysfunctional reality TV clans, or the blended families…Read more
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Gay Boy Joy Playlist

We continue Pride Month with our third of four LGBTQ-themed playlists, this one featuring upbeat songs by gay, bisexual, and trans men. Did we forget your favorite bops by queer male artists? Shoot an email…

TOP 10: Batman Sidekicks

BY Eric Rezsnyak While working on our episode devoted to the best Batman villains, we also realized he’s had an equally rich field of crimefighting companions over the years. And only like half of them…

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