Best Girl Scout Cookie Flavor

Girl Scout Cookies have been spreading sugary joy, teaching millions of children entrepreneurial skills, AND raising funds for a terrific organization for more than 100 years. Girl Scout Cookies are an American institution! And for…Read more

Best TV Family

Families have been central to TV shows almost since the invention of the medium. Whether we're talking about the Rockwellian families from classic sitcoms, sprawling soap-opera dynasties, dysfunctional reality TV clans, or the blended families…Read more

Best Nintendo Villain

Over its five-decade history -- and multiple generations of gaming systems -- Nintendo has been home to some of the most notable bad guys in video-game history. Some are original creations who only torment the…Read more
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“X-Men ’97” Episode 6 Recap

BY Eric Rezsnyak After last episode’s explosive, traumatizing ending, “X-Men ’97” took a beat and shifted focus to two simmering subplots. “Lifedeath Part II” resolves the Storm/Forge/Adversary plotline last seen in Episode 4, and also…

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