Best Disney Park Ride

Host Eric Rezsnyak and Mouseketeer panelists Amy Pilott, Bob Erlenback, Derek Mekita, and Michael Schwarz debate the best rides currently operating at Disney theme parks around the globe. Which ride will win? Listen now! Want…Read more
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TOP 10: Gen 1 Pokemon Glow-Ups

BY Harry Loizides It’s been more than 25 years since the original 150 Pokémon were revealed to the world. Since then, more than 1,000 Pokémon spanning 1,200 television episodes, 120 games, and 90 card sets…

S7: Best Gen 1 Pokemon Bracket

Want to play along at home as our panelists debate the Best Gen 1 Pokemon? Download the bracket here, or find the PDF below. Make a copy for yourself, then fill it out with your picks!…

QUIZ: Soap Opera Leading Ladies

BY Curtis Creekmore This week’s episode tackled the best in reality competition series. The drama! But you know what’s more dramatic than reality competitions? Soap operas! Tell us the name of the show that featured…

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