In 2006, NBC’s “30 Rock” debuted to mixed reviews and modest ratings. But within a few episodes, Tina Fey’s workplace comedy set behind the scenes of a television sketch show found its footing, and over the course of its seven-season run would blossom into one of the quirkiest, funniest, and most daring sitcoms on broadcast television.

While “30 Rock” ended more than a decade ago, it remains one of the 21st Century’s most endearing and celebrated comedies. So listen up, 5s, a 10 is speaking, because the Great Pop Culture Debate wants to revisit the wild days of “TGS with Tracy Jordan” to determine the Best “30 Rock” Episode ever! We want to go to there…

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Best “Golden Girls” Episode

Best 2000s Sitcom

Best “Saturday Night Live” Character

Top 10: Fake Shows on “30 Rock”

Round 1 Match-Ups:

Match-Up 1: “The Bubble” (1) vs. “Believe In the Stars” (4)

Match-Up 2: “Reaganing” (3) vs. “Black Tie” (2)

Match-Up 3: “Reunion” (1) vs. “TGS Hates Women” (4)

Match-Up 4: “Tracy Does Conan” (3) vs. “Queen of Jordan” (2)

Match-Up 5: “Rosemary’s Baby” (1) vs. “Leap Day” (4)

Match-Up 6: “Apollo Apollo” (3) vs. “Ludachristmas” (2)

Match-Up 7: “MILF Island” (1) vs. “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” (4)

Match-Up 8: “The Head and the Hair” (3) vs. “Anna Howard Shaw Day” (2)

And should you need it, here’s the official “30 Rock” YouTube Channel, loaded with great videos.

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Host: Eric Rezsnyak

Panel: Amma Marfo, Brendan Hay, Kevin Dillon

Producer: Curtis Creekmore

Editors: Eric Rezsnyak, Bob Erlenback

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