Spin the dial, roll the dice, and pop that pop-o-matic bubble! The Great Pop Culture Debate is going back to recess to determine the Best Children’s Board and Card Games Ever!

There are honestly SO many children’s games — and more coming out all the time. We made a list of notable board and card games for children and families. Some are classics, like chess or checkers or Go Fish. Some are more modern additions to the cannon, like Don’t Wake Daddy and Pie in the Face. For the purposes of this episode, we focused on games that were available in the United States of America, and are rated for ages 12 and under.

In this special Patreon-sponsored episode, host Eric Rezsnyak, panelists Bob Erlenback, Jim Czadzeck, and Joelle Boedecker, and special guest Elliot Czadzeck debate some of the most iconic board games and card games geared toward children from the 20th Century to today.

The Round 1 match-ups are:

Match-Up 1: Clue (1) vs. Go Fish (4)

Match-Up 2: Monopoly (3) vs. Mouse Trap (2)

Match-Up 3: Connect Four (1) vs. Jenga (4)

Match-Up 4: Candy Land (3) vs. Guess Who? (2)

Match-Up 5: Battleship (1) vs. Twister (4)

Match-Up 6: Chutes & Ladders (3) vs. Scrabble (2)

Match-Up 7: Uno (1) vs. Operation (4)

Match-Up 8: Hungry Hungry Hippos (3) vs. Yahtzee (2)

Want to play along at home?

Want to play along at home?

Find the downloadable listener bracket here. See if your picks match up with ours!

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Host: Eric Rezsnyak

Panel: Joelle Boedecker, Elliot Czadzeck, Jim Czadzeck, Bob Erlenback

Patreon Sponsor: Bob Erlenback

Editor: Jeffery Perry

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