Over four years and 99 topics, the Great Pop Culture Debate has made plenty of hot takes with low stakes. In this special episode, we channel “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” as we bring in special guests to discuss the history of the show, share our favorite arguments, and rehash the calls we got totally wrong.

Learn about every episode, from the super-secret Season 0 through the currently released Season 7, before Season 8 begins in fall 2023. A great jumping on point for new listeners, and a celebration of where we’ve been for existing fans of the show.

For the full, unedited audio of the guest interviews, visit our Patreon page, where you can get the clips totally free! Make sure to subscribe to the show on your podcast platform of choice so you don’t miss a single episode going forward!

Season 0 Interview: Curtis Creekmore

Learn about the secret origins of the show, and our first four pilot episodes, which are only available to our Patreon sponsors. Click here for the Season 0 collection on Patreon!

Season 1 Interview: Kate Racculia

Learn about our first official season, from Best Disney Animated Film through Struttin’ That Ass Song. You can find those episodes under the Episodes menu on this very website, or check out the Patreon Season 1 collection for even more exclusive content.

Season 2 Interview: Amma Marfo

Get information about our troubled second season, which included everything from Best Sitcom Theme Song to Best Crayola Crayon Color (seriously!). You can find all of those episodes by checking out the Episodes menu on this website, or click here for the Season 2 Patreon collection, which includes exclusive warm-ups for most episodes.

Season 3 Interview: Bob Erlenback

Things got back on track with Season 3, which included episodes ranging from Best “Clue” Movie Quote to Best Avengers Team Member. You can find the main episodes on this website under the Episodes tab, but check out the Patreon Season 3 collection, which includes the exclusive Part 1s for most episodes for our supporters at the $5 level and above.

Season 4 Interview: Stephan Nikoloff

Learn about our fourth season, which covered topics ranging from Best One-Hit Wonder of the 70s/80s all the way through our Best of 2021 specials, and Patreon-sponsored episodes Best Phil Collins Song and Best Emmy Winner for Best Drama. The main episodes are available on this website under the Episodes menu, but for even more content — including the exclusive Part 1s for most episodes — become a supporter and check out our Patreon collection for Season 4.

Season 5 Interview: Jonny Minogue

Learn about the behind-the-scenes extras the podcast provides via social media, as well as discussions on Season 5 episodes ranging from Best 80s Soundtrack to Hottest TV Dad, and everything in between! Main episodes available under Episodes on this website, but for more exclusive content, including the Part 1s for most episodes, become a Patreon supporter and check out the Season 5 collection on Patreon.

Season 6 Interview: Karissa Kloss

Learn about Season 6, with episodes ranging from Best One-Hit Wonder of the 90s/00s all the way through our Best of 2022 episodes and a few Patreon-sponsored specials. Main episodes available under the Episodes tab on this website, but you really ought to check out our Season 6 collection on Patreon, where supporters get access to a whole slew of great extras, including the Part 1s for most episodes.

Season 7 Interview: Kevin Dillon

And we wrap up with our discussion of Season 7, a rollicking ride covering everything from Best Girl Group through Best Gen 1 Pokemon and all kinds of topics in between. Check out the main episodes on this website, and for more content, become a supporter and then check out the Patreon collection for Season 7!

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Host: Eric Rezsnyak

Guests: Jason Pintar, Curtis Creekmore, Kate Racculia, Amma Marfo, Bob Erlenback, Stephan Nikoloff, Jonny Minogue, Karissa Kloss, Kevin Dillon

Producers: Bob ErlenbackCurtis Creekmore

Editor: Jim Czadzeck

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