GPCD Quiz: Best Movie Musical

April 3, 2021

So you think you’re an expert on movie musicals? Let’s just see about that!

As part of Season 3, the Great Pop Culture Debate did a whole episode devoted to the best song-and-dance-filled films (non-animated). You can listen to it on the podcast platform of your choice, OR you can find it on our website by clicking right here!

Think you know as much, or more, than our panelists? Prove it by taking this quiz. If you score high enough (ideally without having to use the internet), we’ll declare you an honest-to-gosh pop culture expert on this topic by sending you one of our exclusive themed Share-It Badges!

How do you get one of these 2.75″ laptop stickers? Score an 80 or higher on the quiz, take a screenshot with your result, and do one of the following:

-DM us the photo to @greatpopculturedebate (Instagram)
-Tweet the photo and mention @culture_debate (Twitter)
-Post the photo to our Facebook page (Facebook)
-Email the proof to

We do Share-It Badges and quizzes for every episode of our podcast, so if you want more, check out the other episodes at! Want to see how your pop-culture knowledge stacks up to your friends? Share the quizzes and episodes with them!

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