Joelle Boedecker

June 15, 2020

Joelle is a crazy cat mom. She was raised in a home filled with an impressive collection of carefully preserved Beanie Babies. When she wasn’t helping her mom catalog cute-faced beanbags named after dead people, she could be found creating detailed VCR recording schedules of her favorite 90’s sitcoms and teen dramas. Beyond her completionist-level commitment to her TV-watching habits, she will also proudly talk to anyone who will listen about her strong opinions on typography, “Harry Potter,” movie musicals/musicals based on movies, skipping chapter 2 of every” Baby-Sitter’s Club” book, New York-style bagels, and every rom-com she can get her eyeballs on. Joelle is also one-third of the silly, song-filled PocketPod: Animal Crossing podcast all about the “Animal Crossing” video game series. The irony is not lost on her that she is now obsessed with a game that is the spiritual descendant of the Beanie Babies that haunted her childhood.

(Season 1)

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