Jonny Minogue

November 27, 2021

Jonny Minogue is no stranger to the Boston LGBTQ+ community.  For more than a decade, Jonny graced queer events at venues across the city, and was, surprisingly, only kicked out once.  From his early years as a fledgling drag artist, Jonny found a home behind the mic. Whether it’s quizzing and schooling the children on trivia they should know, or playing karaoke maven to a roomful of Gagas in their own mind, Jonny has been blessed to continue to add to and support the vibrancy of the Boston queer community. Jonny currently holds court as hostess of Stump Trivia Tuesdays at 8pm at Club Café. Don’t be surprised if “Moira Rose” or “Regina George” pops up from time to time. 

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