POLL: Best Classic Hollywood Movie Star

January 3, 2024

Hollywood stars — they don’t make them like they used to. While there are still many fine actors and actresses working in film and television today, very few have the megawatt starpower that used to bring audiences to the theaters from the mid- to late 20th Century. And as we move further and further away from the Golden and Silver ages of Tinsletown, the Great Pop Culture Debate podcast wants to determine: who WAS the Best Clssic Hollywood Movie Star? And we need YOUR opinions.

Below find a list of 100 or so of the most iconic actors and actresses who appeared in American films from the early to mid-20th Century. Note that they needed to achieve success in American films — we may do a foreign film edition in the future — and for our purposes here, the cut off for consideration was 1969. While these stars may have had success after 1970, they first achieved stardom before the 70s.

Did we miss your favorite classic Hollywood star? Add them to the list in the space below! Then send to your friends and have them vote on the poll; the more votes we get, the better balanced the bracket will be.

This poll will close on January 14, 2024. Make sure to get your votes in before then!

The 32 top vote-getters will be discussed on a future season of the Great Pop Culture Debate podcast. Find out more at greatpopculturedebate.com.

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