POLL: Best Disco Song

May 10, 2021

Thanks for your interest in this topic! The poll is now closed, but you can check out the episode of the podcast where we discuss the results by clicking here.

Break out the bellbottoms and the leisure suits, because for Season 4 the Great Pop Culture Debate is turning the clock all the way back to the 1970’s for the booty-shaking-ist musical genre of all time: DISCO, baby! The disco era brought dozens of insanely catchy songs that are still bangers even by 2020s standards. And now nearly 50 years after those songs debuted, we want to know: what is the Best Disco Song EVER?

Note that for the purposes of this debate, we’re sticking solely to songs from the OG disco decade. There have been tons of great disco songs released since then — and we hope to cover those in a future episode — but for this we’re strictly looking at songs release before the Disco Era ended in 1979. (Thanks, Disco Demolition Night. This is why we can’t have nice things.)

Below find a list of nearly 100 notable disco songs. (You can also take the poll by clicking here.) Pick up to 32 of your favorites. The top vote getters will make up our bracket for the episode, which will debut in late summer 2021 as the Great Pop Culture Debate Season 4. Did we forget your favorite disco song? Mention it below and we’ll try to cover it in our warm-up episode.

Once you’re done, please share with your disco-loving friends! The more the merrier, baby. Just like on the dance floor.

The 32 top vote-getters will be discussed on the Great Pop Culture Debate podcast. For similar episodes, like Best One-Hit Wonder of the 1970s & 1980s, check out the Episodes link above!

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