POLL: Best Gen 2 Pokemon

March 15, 2024

Nintendo’s Pokemon property was already wildly popular when it launched in 1996. It only became even more exciting for players around the world when 100 new pocket monsters from the Johto region were unveiled with 1999’s Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver games. The Great Pop Culture Debate podcast has already explored our picks for the Gen 1 Pokemon. Now we want to determine the best Gen 2 Pokemon of all time — and we need YOUR help!

Below find a list of all 100 Pokemon originally documented in the Johto region. Pick your favorites from the list — you can choose as many as you like. If you’re taking the poll on a mobile device, we recommend clicking here for ease of use.

Once you’ve taken the poll, share it with your other Pokemon friends. The more votes we have, the better balanced the bracket will be!

The 16 top vote-getters will be discussed in a future episode of the Great Pop Culture Debate podcast. Find out more at greatpopculturedebate.com.

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