POLL: Best Modern Tabletop Game

December 16, 2023

Thanks for your interest in this topic; the poll is now closed. To find out which games made our discussion, and which one the panel ultimately decides is the best of the bunch, check out Season 9 of the Great Pop Culture Debate podcast, debuting in Spring 2024.


Board games have been popular for over a century — some date back to the ancient world. But in the late 20th Century up until now, the buzzword has been tabletop games — broadly speaking, elaborate games of skill, strategy, and luck that have generated intense fandoms since the late 1990s. While we’ve already covered the classic board games popular in our youth, the Great Pop Culture Debate wants to determine the best modern tabletop game — and we need YOUR opinions!

Below find a list of just about every buzzed-about tabletop game we could think of that could be described as “modern” (post-1990). (If you’re taking this on a mobile device, we recommend clicking here for ease of use.) Select your favorites from the list, you can pick as many as you like. Expansions and subsequent editions should all be considered as a vote for the base game. NOTE: we explicitly did not include long-term RPGs or deck-building games in this list; those will be addressed as separate topics later on.

Did we miss your favorite modern tabletop game? Add it in the space provided below! We may add it to the list, or discuss it in the warm-up to the episode. Then please share the poll with your tabletop-loving friends; the more votes we receive the better balanced the bracket will be.

This poll will run until January 7, 2024. Make sure to submit your answer by then!

The 16 top vote-getters will be discussed in Season 9 of the Great Pop Culture Debate podcast, debuting in Spring 2024. Find out more at greatpopculturedebate.com.

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