POLL: Best NBC “Must-See TV” Show

November 28, 2023

For most of the past 40 years, NBC has absolutely owned Thursday nights. And the network was never more successful in that endeavor than during the heyday of its “Must-See TV” programming block in the 90s and 00s. Legendary comedies provided the anchors for smaller but still great sitcoms to find their footing, and tentpole dramas closed out the night. While the best days of “Must-See TV” are likely behind us, the Great Pop Culture Debate podcast wants to determine the best NBC “Must-See TV” Show of all time — and we need YOUR opinions!

Below find a list of every “Must-See TV” series in NBC history. (If you’re taking this on a mobile device we suggest clicking here for ease of use.) Pick your favorites; you can choose as many as you like. Note that for our purposes, we are looking explicitly at shows that aired under NBC’s official “Must-See TV” banner, which ran from 1993-2006, and again from 2017-2021. Many legendary shows aired on NBC outside of those years, some of them even on Thursdays. But for the purpose of this discussion, we are focused *exclusively* on “Must-See TV” shows.

Did we miss your favorite Must-See TV show? Add it in the space below and we may discuss it in the episode. Then share this poll with any TV-loving friends and family, as the more votes we get, the better balanced the bracket will be.

The poll will run until December 15, 2023. Make sure to submit your answer by then!

The 16 top vote-getters will be discussed on Season 9 of the Great Pop Culture Debate podcast, debuting in Spring 2024. Find out more at greatpopculturedebate.com.

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