POLL: Best “Sesame Street” Character

January 2, 2024

2024 marks the 55th anniversary of “Sesame Street.” Since 1969 the show has entertained and educated multiple generations of children, teaching important lessons about shapes, colors, reading, kindness, and more. “Sesame Street” is home to a whole crew of colorful characters that have captured imaginations across the world. Now the Great Pop Culture Debate wants to determine the Best “Sesame Street” Character of all time, and we want YOUR opinions!

Below find a list of every significant “Sesame Street” character we could think — note that for this episode, we are focusing strictly on the MUPPETS featured in “Sesame Street,” not the human characters. Vote for your favorites, you can pick as many as you like. If you’re taking this on a mobile device we recommend clicking here for ease of use.

Did we miss your favorite “Sesame Street” Muppet? Add it in the space below and we may discuss it on the episode! Then send this poll to your friends, your family, and the people you chase clouds away with on sunny days. The more responses we get, the better balanced the bracket will be.

The 32 top vote-getters will be discussed in a future episode of the Great Pop Culture Debate podcast. Find out more at greatpopculturedebate.com.


Click here for our Best Muppet episode

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