POLL: Best TV Moms

January 1, 2021

Thanks for your interest in this topic! The poll is now closed, but you can check out the episode of the podcast where we discuss the results by clicking here.

Whether they were helping their kids get over heartbreak with a comforting hug, or casually inflicting emotional trauma over a three-martini lunch, or even deliberately shooting their daughters while operating as undercover spies, there have been some memorable mothers over the course of television history. The Great Pop Culture Debate podcast wants to determine the best TV mom of all time, and we want YOUR opinions!

Below find a list (or you can also find the survey here) of just over 100 notable television mothers. For this survey we focused strictly on fictional characters — no reality TV moms here! — and moms from primetime television (sorry, no Disney Channel moms included).

The options are randomized for every person taking the poll. Looking for a particular mother? Try Ctrl + F to search by name.

Did we miss your favorite mom? Add her to the field below and we may discuss her in the warm-up to this episode.

The 32 top vote-getters will be discussed on Season 3 the Great Pop Culture Debate podcast, dropping in March 2021. Check out our Episodes section to see what topics we’ve already tackled!

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