“Survivor” 46 Season Premiere Bingo Cards

February 26, 2024

CBS’s “Survivor” is back for Season 46! For the big two-hour premiere on Wednesday, February 28, we have a little treat for you: Season Premiere Bingo Cards! Make the debut of one of the most exciting reality TV competitions even MORE exciting by playing along with your family, your friends, or your viewing party.

Here’s a trailer for the new season:


Best “Survivor” Cast

Best Reality TV Competition

Top 10 “Survivor” Torch Snuffers

GPCD “Survivor” Returnee Season Fan Casting

Below find 10 different bingo cards filled with options that could likely happen during the premiere of a new season of “Survivor.” Print them out (a full set of PDFs can be found at the bottom of this page), pick your favorite card, and then mark off the spaces as the events unfold on your TV screen. Did you get a BINGO? Let us know by tagging us on social media:

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Follow our accounts and shoot us a DM and we’ll send you a prize! If you love pop-culture foolishness, we promise you’ll love it. Podcast episodes, Top 10 lists, visual puzzles, TV recaps — you want it, we got it.

“Survivor” 46 Premiere Bingo Cards

NOTE: Each of the 10 cards is different, with roughly 50 phrases randomized. For a printable PDF of the full set, scroll to the bottom.

And make sure to check back to our Recaps page as we offer our thoughts on “Survivor” 46 as it progresses! New recaps will go up within a day of each new episode.

Top 10 Lists

Here’s the printable PDF of all 10 cards:

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