TOP 10: Songs from Eurovision 2024 Finale

May 11, 2024

BY Trey Radu-Blackburn

Like many U.S. citizens, I am late to the Eurovision game. My interest was piqued sometime in the early 2010’s (I was in grad school and time didn’t have meaning then), when someone showed me the 2007 Ukrainian entry, “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” by drag queen Verka Serduchka (which came in 2nd Place that year behind Serbia’s “Molitva” by Marija Šerifović). I fell down a rabbit hole of sorts and fell in love with “Fairytale” by Norway’s Alexander Rybak (because I’m a basic gay sometimes).

This was the first year I was able to finally watch Eurovision Live (thanks, Peacock!) and choosing a Top 10 songs from this year’s fanalists was hard because it was such a good year.



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10. Armenia: “Jako” by Ladaniva

In 10th Place and receiving 1 point from the Radburn delegation is Armenia with Ladaniva’s song, “Jako.” Out of the 26 songs that we heard this year, this one had one of the most “cultural” feels to me. With the ululating vocals and strings and woodwind combos, it just made me want to get up and spin around with exuberance and joy. I think you will, too.

Trey – 10th place

Jury – 9th place

Public – 9th place

Overall – 8th place

9. Finland: “No Rules!” by Windows95man

In 9th Place and receiving 2 points from the Radburn delegation is Finland with Windows95man’s song, “No Rules!” This is a bouncy and strange song that was sold based on performance, with all sorts of denim outfits everywhere, a man emerging like Winnie the Pooh (all shirt, no pants) from a giant egg, denim Daisy Dukes descending from the heavens to shoot sparks, etc. Honestly one of the trippiest songs and I loved every second of it.

Trey – 9th place

Jury – 24th place

Public – 15th place

Overall – 19th place

8. Spain: “Zorra” by Nebulossa

In 8th Place and receiving 3 points from the Radburn delegation is Spain, with Nebulossa singing “Zorra.” Eurovision is definitely a young person’s game, but seeing Spain send this Gen X duo (sorry, not sorry, from this geriatric Millennial) was honestly refreshing. The lead singer, Mery Bas, was reveling in her sexiness, and the electo-synths added to the joy I felt during this song.

Trey – 8th place

Jury – 19th place

Public – 22nd place

Overall – 22nd place

7. Lithuania: “Luktelk” Silvester Belt

In 7th Place and receiving 4 points from the Radburn delegation is Lithuania with Silvester Belt and “Luktelk.” This is absolutely one of those club hits. Picture it: the lights are low and you hear this bass beat pumping, and a rhythmic vocal line that just makes you bop; you’ve probably got some colored glasses on and sweaty bodies grooving around you. It’s solid.

Trey – 7th place

Jury – 17th place

Public – 10th place

Overall – 14th place

6. Luxembourg: “Fighter” by Tali

In 6th Place and receiving 5 points from the Radburn delegation is Luxembourg’s Tali singing “Fighter.” This could have a little bit of U.S. radio airplay if she recorded a fully English version. The chorus is absolutely something audiences in this country would love. 

Trey – 6th place

Jury – 11th place (one douze points)

Public – 17th place

Overall – 13th place

Top 10 Lists

5. Sweden: “Unforgettable” by Marcus & Martinus

In 5th Place and receiving 6 points from the Radburn delegation is our host country, Sweden, and its identical twins Marcus & Martinus singing “Unforgettable.” Sometimes (OK, often) I’m a very basic human. And this is a very good but basic Swedish song that should get some airplay here in the States. Honestly, I’m a little shocked that I scored it so high in my rankings, but again: I’m a basic gay.

Trey – 5th place

Jury – 8th place (one douze points)

Public – 11th place

Overall – 9th place

4. Ukraine: “Teresa & Maria” by Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil

In 4th Place and receiving 7 points from the Radburn delegation is Ukraine with Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil performing “Teresa & Maria.” This was just a good song with a rap bit in the middle. Is it an earworm? Not for me, because I don’t speak Ukrainian. The chorus absolutely feels like it could be over the credits of an international action movie that leaves you maybe wanting another iteration.

Trey – 4th place

Jury – 5th place (four douze points)

Public – 3rd place

Overall – 3rd place

3. Ireland: “Doomsday Blue” by Bambie Thug

In 3rd Place and receiving 8 points from the Radburn delegation is Ireland’s Bambie Thug singing “Doomsday Blue.” CROWN THE WITCH! For the first time in Eurovision, we have TWO non-binary performers, and Bambie Thug is one of them. Now, I couldn’t tell you what this song is about. But I was mesmerized and fully entranced by this performance! It looked like nothing else on the Eurovision stage, and ultimately, what do we come to Eurovision for if not something camp or something strange? I’m fully under their spell and I’m not even mad about it.

Trey – 3rd place

Jury – 6th place (one douze points)

Public – 6th place

Overall – 6th place

2. Switzerland: “The Code” by Nemo

In 2nd Place and receiving 10 points from the Radburn delegation is Switzerland’s Nemo with “The Code.” If Bambie Thug is our witchy “Ouija-pop” non-binary star, then Nemo is our pop hip-hop non-binary icon. “The Code” is wonderful and could be the queer bop of the summer if U.S. gays would just embrace them. This song was absolutely on my radar, though I wasn’t expecting it to win (clearly). But I am so happy that they did, and Eurovision got its first non-binary winner! Whoa-ah-oh!

Trey – 2nd place

Jury – 1st place (twenty douze points)

Public – 5th place

Overall – 1st place WINNER

Honorable Mention: Netherlands: “Europapa” by Joost Klein

I couldn’t make this list without talking about the Netherland’s Joost Klein’s “Europapa.” From the moment that I heard that song, it has been stuck in my head, and it was in my Top 3 to win. It was absolutely in everyone else’s top, too. So it was a SHOCKER when it was announced that Joost Klein had been disqualified after a “threatening incident” had been reported to Swedish police. There are a lot of speculations and accusations being thrown around, but I think we can all agree that “Europapa” was going to pull in some numbers tonight.

Dishonorable Mention

This year marks the 50th anniversary of a little Swedish band winning Eurovision. Has anyone ever heard of this group ABBA and their song “Waterloo”? This song is arguably the biggest hit to come from the Eurovision song contest. ABBA hasn’t performed together since 1982, so everyone was wondering if Eurovision would pull off the surprise of the decade and get them together for this anniversary. And…it…sorta happened? We crossed into the uncanny valley by going to London to watch the “ABBA Voyage” virtual concert. It was a moment of television creepiness that I want to forget soon please.

1. Croatia: “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” by Baby Lasagna

Douze points! And in first place, receiving 12 points from the Radburn delegation, is Croatia’s Baby Lasagna singing “Rim Tim Tagi Dim”! I am a sucker for nonsense words. This energetic performance, with the most crocheted shirt with the biggest sleeves, has been playing non-stop in my head and headphones for weeks now. There is just an infectiousness to the music, and the gravel in this man’s voice, and I was really hoping that Croatia would take home their first Eurovision trophy. There’s no going back, I love this song!

Trey – 1st place

Jury – 3rd place (two douze points)

Public – 1st place

Overall – 2nd place

Did you agree with our rankings? Did we miss your favorite Eurovision 2024 songs? Drop them in the comments!

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