TOP 10: “Survivor” Torch Snuffers

May 19, 2023

BY Karissa Kloss

Across 44 seasons, reality competition series “Survivor” has gained popularity, players, and fans around the world. While each season introduces its own cast of Survivors and set of twists, some elements remain constant. Every season features an immunity idol, an immunity necklace, and voting room decor. But for this list we’re taking a closer look at the torch snuffer Jeff Probst uses to ceremonially end a Survivor’s journey. Even non-fans of the show know the phrase, “The tribe has spoken; it’s time for you to go,” but who’s paying attention to the snuffer Probst is wielding? We are! Dip your torch in the fire, get flame, and let’s dive in: 

10. Micronesia (Season 16)

This bowl-shaped snuffer is being held in the curved beak of a vulture (or some kind of scary bird) while the handle appears carved into a stylized bird’s body. Points for the mixture of materials, sleek styling, and ominous creature. 

9. Ghost Island (Season 36)

The bowl of this snuffer has tiki masks carved into the sides, and it’s mounted to a bone. There are also spikes (shark teeth?) lashed to the handle for good measure. Definitely a good weapon to have in an apocalypse situation. 

8. Pearl Islands (Season 7)

Do you like nonsense? This entry is having none of that. Its sleek bell snuffer is topped with a pirate’s ax, reminding you that pirates steal, and they definitely throw out fish in the dark of the night (and refuse to admit they did it). 

7. One World (Season 24)

The jury is out, trying to decide what exactly this is a skeleton of, but all agree it’s some kind of bird or aerial creature. And it is tied to a shell of coconut, which is tied to a wooden handle with spikes on it. We’ve seen a lot of skeletal decor over the seasons but this one tops the creepy chart. 

6. Kaôh Rōng (Season 32)

Speaking of creepy…. This bowl-snapped snuffer features a colorful tassel surrounded by rows of sharp, curved teeth. Nope. Nope nope no thank you. 

5. Gabon (Season 17)

Palate cleanser! The Gabon elephant snuffer is so much more than cute. The clever design uses the trunk as the handle, while the ears swirl and cover the snuffer bowl. Gold detailing brings attention to the tip of the handle as well as the eye of the elephant… just like the one our Survivors see near camp. Just seeing this snuffer again is a reminder of the amazing wildlife in that season. 

Honorable Mention: Survivor 43 Octopus

4. China (Season 15)

This snuffer hits the trifecta: beautiful design, interesting handle, and location-relevant. A curving gold dragon bites the top of a jade bell covered in gold flame embossing. Gorgeous. Looks like a museum piece. No notes. 

Honorable Mention: Thailand dragon

3. San Juan del Sur (Season 29)

“Survivor” has shown us that several objects found in nature make good torch snuffers, particularly shells. Shells of sea creatures, shells of coconuts, and shells of human brains (because that’s what a skull is, after all: a brain shell). What sets this entry apart is the turquoise tile detail on the skull’s face. Both gorgeous and creepy, this is a torch snuffer that would haunt your post-elimination dreams. 

Honorable Mentions: Panama, Fiji

2. Edge of Extinction (Season 38)

Bad. Ass. This cup-shaped snuffer is grasped in the claws of a giant bird. Birds are inherently creepy, and the enormity of this one’s foot…and claws…and leg…are enough to make you not want to imagine the rest. The LEG is the handle, people! Shudder. This entry is metal in all the best ways. We’re scared and we love it. 

1. Survivor 44

Recency bias? Absolutely! But what about the current season’s snuffer is not the coolest?!? Here we have an animal (dragon) skull, a handle that incorporates the dragon’s spine, a scale motif on the grip, and spikes galore. Truly a combination of the best aspects of several entries above. While we’re still undecided about the voting room chess decor, we know that even (Probst willing) 10 seasons later we’ll still admire this snuffer. 

Do you agree? Think this list should be snuffed like so many Survivor chances? Let us know in the comments!

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