Is there anything more heartbreaking than a beloved TV show building up to a much-anticipated final bow, and then utterly blowing it? It happens more often than it should. In some cases it’s a big swing and a miss. In others it’s a lack of closure. And in some cases, a disastrous finale can harm the cultural cache of a long-running series overall. Now, the Great Pop Culture Debate podcast is looking back at some of the most notable televised blunders as we discuss the worst TV series finales of all time.

Listen as Host Eric Rezsnyak and GPCD panelists Joelle Boedecker, Karissa Kloss, and Kevin Dillon discuss and debate 16 of the most legendarily bad series finales of all time, ultimately naming their worst of the worst.

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The Round 2 match-ups are:

Match-Up 1: “Game of Thrones” (1) vs. “Seinfeld” (4)

Match-Up 2: “The Vampire Diaries” (3) vs. “True Blood” (2)

Match-Up 3: “Pretty Little Liars” (1) vs. “House of Cards” (5)

Match-Up 4: “The 100” (3) vs. “Gossip Girl” (2)

Match-Up 5: “How I Met Your Mother” (1) vs. “Roseanne” (5)

Match-Up 6: “Killing Eve” (3) vs. “Gilmore Girls” (2)

Match-Up 7: “Dexter” (1) vs. “How to Get Away with Murder” (5)

Match-Up 8: “Once Upon a Time” (3) vs. “Lost” (2)

Want to play along at home?

Download the listener bracket here and see if your picks match up with ours!

To listen to music from all 32 artists up for contention, check out the playlist we made for the episode by clicking here.

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Host: Eric Rezsnyak

Panel: Joelle Boedecker, Karissa Kloss, Kevin Dillon

Producer: Curtis Creekmore

Editor: Jack Kwait-Blank

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