Teens of the 1980s were blessed with some of the most memorable coming-of-age films ever made. They were bold, they were brash, and while they varied wildly in tone and subject matter, they defined what teenagers looked and acted like for not only their peers, but for teens (and adults) in generations to come. Forty years later, some of these films are considered critical pop-culture touchstones, while others have found appreciation as cult classics. Gas up the Deloreon and grab batteries for your Walkman, because the Great Pop Culture Debate wants to determine the Best Teen Movie of the 1980s.

Join host Eric Rezsnyak and GPCD panelists Bob Erlenback, Karissa Kloss, and Kate Racculia as they discuss 16 of the most iconic films of the 1980s made FOR teenagers, or starring protagonists dealing with teen issues.

Play along at home by finding the listener bracket here. Make a copy for yourself, fill it out, and see if your picks match up with ours!

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Best 80’s Children’s Film

Best 80’s Soundtrack

Best 90’s Romantic Comedy

Top 10 Billy Zabka Roles

Round 2 Match-Ups:

Match-Up 1: Valley Girl (8) vs. The Lost Boys (4)

Match-Up 2: Weird Science (3) vs. The Karate Kid (2)

Match-Up 3: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1) vs. Footloose (4)

Match-Up 4: Heathers (3) vs. Sixteen Candles (2)

Match-Up 5: The Breakfast Club (1) vs. Better Off Dead (5)

Match-Up 6: Fast Times at Ridgemont High (3) vs. Pretty in Pink (2)

Match-Up 7: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1) vs. Dead Poets Society (4)

Match-Up 8: Stand By Me (3) vs. The Goonies (2)

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Host: Eric Rezsnyak

Panel: Bob Erlenback, Karissa Kloss, Kate Racculia

Producer: Curtis Creekmore

Editors: Bob Erlenback, Eric Rezsnyak

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