Best Film of 1999

For movie fans, the best films of 1999 really had everything. A career-launching suspense film from M. Night Shyamalan. An indie smash that created the “found footage” horror genre. Some of the most iconic teen dramas ever made. Julia Roberts fully Julia Robertsing. And the return of a sci-fi franchise that would keep running ever since. And literally iconic films by auteur directors that inspired many of the movies of the next decade. Now, as part of Season 7, the Great Pop Culture Debate wants to determine: what IS the Best Film of 1999?

Join Host Eric Rezsnyak and panelists Amma Marfo, Kate Racculia, and Kevin Dillon as they discuss and debate the Top 16 films from the last year of the 20th Century.

The Round 2 match-ups are:

Match 1: The Matrix (1) vs. The Iron Giant (4)

Match 2: The Talented Mr. Ripley (3) vs. Eyes Wide Shut (2)

Match 3: Dogma (1) vs. Galaxy Quest (4)

Match 4: Magnolia (6) vs. Being John Malkovich (2)

Match 5: Fight Club (1) vs. Election (4)

Match 6: Office Space (3) vs. 10 Things I Hate About You (2)

Match 7: The Sixth Sense (1) vs. The Mummy (4)

Match 8: Cruel Intentions (3) vs. The Blair Witch Project (2)

Want to play along at home?

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HOST: Eric Rezsnyak

PRODUCER: Bob Erlenback

PANEL: Amma Marfo, Kate Racculia, Kevin Dillon

EDITOR: Jack Kwait-Blank

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