Holiday memories implant deep. You probably still remember your favorite holiday present from your childhood, or hold on to a favored ornament or sweater for decades at a time. And some of our favorite TV shows have wisely clued into that, creating memorable holiday episodes that imprinted on viewers in a big way, and which audiences still return to year after year, even long after that show has left the air. So for our 2022 Holiday Special, the Great Pop Culture Debate wanted to determine: What IS the Best Holiday-Themed Episode of a TV Series?

Join host Eric Rezsnyak and panelists Amy Pilott, Curtis Creekmore, and Michael Schwarz as they debate the most memorable Christmas-, Hanukkah-, and Thanksgiving-themed episodes from TV series past and present.

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The Round 1 match-ups are:

Match-Up 1: “Downton Abbey: Christmas in Downton Abbey” vs. “The Office: A Benihana Christmas”

Match-Up 2: “Bob’s Burgers: Turkey in a Can” vs. “Friends: The One With the Holiday Armadillo”

Match-Up 3: “Black Mirror: White Christmas” vs. “The West Wing: Shibboleth”

Match-Up 4: “South Park: Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo” vs. “WKRP in Cincinnati: Turkeys Away”

Match-Up 5: “Seinfeld: The Strike” vs. “Beverly Hills, 90210: It’s a Totally Happening Life”

Match-Up 6: “Big Mouth: A Very Big Mouth Christmas” vs. “Saved by the Bell: Home for Christmas”

Match-Up 7: “Master of None: Thanksgiving” vs. “The Simpsons: Miracle on Evergreen Terrace”

Match-Up 8: “Will & Grace: Queens for a Day” vs. “30 Rock: Ludachristmas”

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Host: Eric Rezsnyak

Panel: Amy Pilott, Curtis Creekmore, Michael Schwarz

Producer: Mike Rapin

Editor: Jack Kwait-Blank

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