From “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” to “Onward,” Disney has made truly magical animated films. This episode, the Debaters have to plunder the Disney vault and remove only the choicest cuts, as decided by a poll of more than 90 respondents. Which toon gets the boon? Join host Eric Rezsnyak and panelists Amy Pilott, Kate Racculia, and Michael Schwarz as they explore a whole new world. Once you’re finished listening to Part 1, make sure you take the monorail to Part 2 by clicking here!

Want to play along at home? Click here to download the listener bracket, which you can download and fill out yourself! Want to see how our panelists voted? Click here and check out each tab to see their individual choices!

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3 years ago

Let me preface this by saying I do not like Fantasia… but….the legions of kids that were introduced to classical music via this movie has to be an argument for it to have advanced over Moana. The imagery, the music….

Eric Rezsnyak
Reply to  Kim
3 years ago

Totally hear you, Kim! There are times when we absolutely get it wrong, and in my (Eric’s) opinion, this was one of them! Thank you for sharing your viewpoint! Fantasia really is an incredible work of art.