Best Holiday Pop Song (1980-2020) Playlist: Listener Picks

November 29, 2020

Nearly 100 Great Pop Culture Debate listeners took the poll to determine our bracket for the Best Holiday Pop Song (1980-2020) episode. And y’all had a lot of opinions! So many of you suggested other holiday pop songs that we hadn’t considered that we wanted to share them all with you, so we created a playlist just of our listener suggestions. This list is not curated by the pod. We had no say in what made the cut. We can’t speak to their relative quality. We’re not even sure all of them fall within the date range we specified. But we hope you will find some songs that help to brighten up your holiday.

If you want to check out the songs that DID make the bracket, as well as some additional picks by our panelists, you can check that out here. And make sure to listen to Parts 1 & 2 of Best Holiday Pop Song (1980-2020)!

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