There’s no question that television in 2023 was greatly impacted by the strikes by the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA, which brought Hollywood production to a halt from May until November. So for the first half of the year, we were well fed with quality shows worthy of the golden age of TV. For the back half, well…hope you like 90 minutes of “The Amazing Race” and international versions of CBS shows!

But still, there was great TV this year – and plenty of it. So podcast panelists Amma Marfo, Derek Mekita, Eric Rezsnyak, and Joelle Boedecker are here to share their favorite shows, both new and returning, as the Great Pop Culture Debate presents the Best TV of 2023!

Amma Marfo Pick #1: Jury Duty on Freevee

Derek Mekita Pick #1: Star Trek Picard Season 3 on Paramount+

Eric Rezsnyak Pick #1: One Piece on Netflix

Joelle Boedecker Pick #1: Class of 07 on Amazon Prime Video

Amma Marfo Pick #2: Primo on Freevee

Derek Mekita Pick #2: Frasier on Paramount+

Eric Rezsnyak Pick #2: Beef on Netflix

Joelle Boedecker Pick #2: Poker Face on Peacock

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! For each panelist’s No. 1 picks, PLUS our honorable mentions, listen to the episode now! We absolutely saved the best for last.

Did we miss your favorite shows? Do you disagree with some of our picks? Leave a comment below.

Then come back every Monday in December for our Best Of 2023 episodes devoted to Music (albums), Books, and Film!

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Host: Eric Rezsnyak

Panel: Amma MarfoDerek MekitaJoelle Boedecker

Producer: Bob Erlenback

Editor: Eric Rezsnyak

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