S2: Best Struttin’ That Ass Song

August 29, 2020

Want to play along at home as our panelists debate the Best Struttin’ That Ass Song? Download the bracket here, make a copy for yourself, then fill it out with your picks! Did you agree with our takes? Think we’re totally wrong? Feel free to tell us what you think below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I fill out the bracket?

A: Click the link above, go to File, select Make a Copy, and you should be able to make changes to your sheet!

Q: What do those numbers at the end of the entries mean?

A: Those are seeds, assigned based on an entry’s popularity in the public polls. So a 1 seed (there are four on each bracket) were the top four vote-getters on the initial topic poll, while the 8 seeds were the four least-popular options to make the bracket.

Q: I’m listening to the podcast and OMG how could you guys make that decision? It’s crazy!

A: I know, right? What were we thinking?! But here’s the thing: we make the podcast, but you are still part of the debate. If you think we got something wrong, leave a comment! Drop a comment on our Insta, FB, or Twitter accounts! Or email greatpopculturedebate@gmail.com. Respectfully — and I cannot stress that enough — let us know what you think/how you feel! The discussion continues long after the episode wraps!

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