GALLERY: Best “Great British Bake-Off” Bake Photos

November 16, 2020

Looking to compare notes with the panelists on our Best “Great British Bake-Off” Bake episode? (You can find that here, by the way!) Below find photos of the 16 Showstoppers we debated. Remember: first, we feast with our eyes! Disagree with our picks? Tell us YOUR favorite bakes in the comments, or find us on Twitter, Insta, or FB1

Rosie’s “My Favourite Chicken: A Celebration of Legs”
Julia’s “The Snail Under a Mushroom”
Steven’s “The Bag I Knead”
Candice’s Tudor Peacock
Paul’s “King of the Jungle” Bread Sculpture
Yan’s “Banana-Ramen” Illusion Cake
Steven’s “A Baker’s Lunch” Illusion Cake
Nancy’s “Moulin Rouge” Sculpture
Frances’ “Secret Squirrel” Cake
Liam’s Nan’s Sunday DInner Pie
Luis’ “Saint George vs. the Dragon” Biscuit Sculpture
Selasi’s Ombre Floral Cake
Kim-Joy’s Lavender & Lemon Fox Cake
Beca’s “Cheese” Cake
Helena’s “Caught in a Spider’s Web” Biscuit Sculpture
Nadiya’s “Peacock in Nan’s Door” Chocolate Sculpture

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