GPCD Songs of the Week Playlist 7.14.2023

July 14, 2023

Check out the songs our music-loving panelists (and listeners!) are obsessed with this week. Want to submit a song you love for future playlists? Email or slide into our DMs!

New playlists go live every Friday.


Gary Jackson: “Play’” by Big Freedia feat. Goldie

Jim Czadzeck: “Three Hours” by John Parish, Aldous Harding

Jonny Minogue: “Father Figure” by George Michael

Jake Pitochelli/Kevin Dillon/Jonny Minogue: “Rush” by Troye Sivan

Andrea Guerrero: “Vertebrae” by Christine Fellows

Derek Mekita: “Finally” by Jonas Blue, RANI

Eric Rezsnyak: “One Like You” by LP

Eric Rezsnyak: “Bygones” by Dolly Parton & Rob Halford

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