If you’re looking for a theme for popular music in 2023, I think it can actually be summed up by a song from 2011. Who run the world? Girls, y’all. Six out of the seven Grammy nominees for Album of the Year are women. The soundtrack to the Barbie movie – overwhelmingly featuring women artists – was THE album of the summer. Between Taylor Swift and Beyonce, was anyone else even touring this year? You get the drift. 

So it’s fitting that, for the Great Pop Culture Debate’s Best of 2023 Music episode, most of our panelists’ picks are albums by women – although we have a few men in the mix, because we are committed to equality. So join Andrea Guerrero, Eric Rezsnyak, Jake Lewis, and Jonny Minogue as they share their favorite albums, as the Great Pop Culture Debate presents the Best Music of 2023!

Looking for selections from each of the nominated albums? Click here for our playlist.

Andrea Guerrero Pick #1: Olivia Rodrigo GUTS

Eric Rezsnyak Pick #1: Kim Petras Feed the Beast/Problematique

Jake Lewis Pick #1: The War and Treaty Lover’s Game

Jonny Minogue Pick #1: Sufjan Stevens Javelin

Andrea Guerrero Pick #2: Gorillaz Cracker Island

Eric Rezsnyak Pick #2: Baby Queen Quarter-Life Crisis

Jake Lewis Pick #2: Holly Humberstone Paint My Bedroom Black

Jonny Minogue Pick #2: Chappell Roan The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! For each panelist’s No. 1 picks, PLUS our honorable mentions, listen to the episode now! We absolutely saved the best for last.

Did we miss your favorite albums? Do you disagree with some of our picks? Leave a comment below.

Then come back every Monday in December for our Best Of 2023 episodes devoted to Film and Books! Our episode devoted to the Best TV of 2023 is already available by clicking here.

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Host: Eric Rezsnyak

Panel: Andrea Guerrero, Jake Lewis, Jonny Minogue

Producer: Bob Erlenback

Editor: Eric Rezsnyak

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